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Autism Remediation

Sharon Bradbrook-Armit of Thinking in Shades of Grey Ltd is a Certified Relationship Development Intervention consultant  working with families to help remediate their child's autism and improve their quality of life.

Our Treatment Focus

Autism remediation helps a child to grow emotionally, socially and cognitively.

Our focus is to help families to remediate their child's autism using Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) to improve their child's quality of life.  RDI helps the child to grow emotionally, socially and cognitively.

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To book a free consultation to discuss how Thinking in Shades of Grey's services can specifically help your family please email tisog@btinternet.com


A word from the RDI founder,  Dr Gutstein.

Our Therapy



RDI looks at the developmental gaps that have led to your child being socially awkward and works with you to implement change.



Do you find it difficult to engage your child to interact with you?  Your RDI programme will empower you to feel confident in parenting and guiding your child's motivation to engage with you.  Your consultant will discuss where you are personally struggling, talk through ways to empower you as a parent and assign goals that will help you to feel competent as a parent and as your child's development guide.





Did you know that you as your child's carer can build the foundations for your child to draw upon to enable them to form and maintain friendships and relationships?  Your RDI Consultant will guide you on how to embark on and continue to make a difference in your child's interrelated experience sharing developmental journey. 

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If you would like further information or an informal chat on how RDI could help your family then please email Sharon: tisog@btinternet.com

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